Describe where the concept of an ESF comes from


1. What is an ESF? Describe where the concept of an ESF comes from, how ESFs are used for disaster response, and some of the advantages and disadvantages of using ESFs.

2. Select a group of people that emergency managers would need to communicate with during disaster response (i.e., first responders, the general public, the media, and political leadership). Describe some of the challenges an emergency manager might face in communicating with your selected group, and identify some possible ways to address those challenges.

3. What is the “paper plan syndrome,” and why is this concept a concern during disaster response?

4. You’ve just been appointed as the emergency manager of Central City. What sort of information would you want to know about Central City and its population before a disaster so that you’re better able to respond if one occurs? (Note: Central City is a fictional place for the purposes of this exam.)

5. What is a “third-sector” agency? Why are these agencies important in disaster response?

Give an example of a third-sector agency in your answer.

6. Why are leadership and decision-making skills important characteristics of emergency managers? How can planning ahead of a disaster help emergency managers and other leaders make decisions during disaster response?

1- select 4 questions to answer with maximum 750 words per question.
2- when you write i need the reader to know where and when you got the information. make citation.
3- use simple vocabulary.
4- please use reliable online resources. also upload a copy of the reference.

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