Dalhousie students action, the “Gentlemen’s Club” students


Dalhousie students action, the “Gentlemen’s Club” students were using Facebook as a tool to invade their classmate’s privacy but at the same tool was the lead to their downfall. alhousie University keeps on giving everyone so much concerned about the problems such as systematic misogyny, sexual violence, homophobia is alive and well and in private and public places everywhere. We find it in our trusted institutions of higher education and or heath care professionals. This is deeply disturbing fact. Also this example shows how at Dalhousie. processes for how students report sexual assault limited sources :

at least TWO peer-reviewed articles and one of the eligible course readings.

When you write thesis do 3 storey thesis.When you write ask yourself what primary evidence do you have?what stuff you looking for?what is the aspects?Also apply all articles to my representative example.  \Your grade will be based on a combination of the following factors:

  • Comprehension of the assignment instructions and question
  • Comprehension of key concepts, texts, and theorists
  • Scope and originality of research and/or creative work
  • Integration of secondary research (n.b., there is no minimum number of secondary sources; incorporate relevant and credible secondary sources as required; use your judgment). In addition to sources you discover through your own research
  • Analysis (e.g., avoidance of fallacies, such as hasty generalizations)
  • Presentation and structure of argument, including:
    • Does the thesis contain an interpretive claim?
    • Does this first part of the thesis answer the question clearly?
    • Does the thesis contain a statement of significance?
    • Do the body paragraphs contain strong topic sentences that offer a claim?
    • Do the body paragraphs contain a clear transition that shows its relationship to the paragraph that comes before it?
    • Do the body paragraphs provide textual support (evidence) for the claim?
    • Does the author explain the quotations, telling the reader not only what is said in the quotes, but also showing how the quotation works to support the claim of the paragraph?
    • Does the author provide interesting, engaging readings of the text?
    • Does the conclusion do more than summarize what the paper has already done?
    • Does the conclusion return to the controversy defined in the introduction in order to develop the implications of the essay?
    • Quality of writing (spelling, grammar, diction, style, etc.)
    • Referencing (consistent and proper use of parenthetical citations and reference notes in either APA or MLA style)
    • Formatting (page numbering, spacing, use of italics, etc.)

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