Dale Carnegie: How To Win Friends And Influence People


Dale Carnegie   How to Win Friends and Influence People

Book Review
Please select a book of your choice from the organizational systems, leadership, and change literature. After reading the book, create a PowerPoint presentation describing the important messages of your book.  Post a short one page summary of your book review in the forum below for your peers. Add your ppt as an attachment to your post.  Cross post to at least one other peer on his book review. Cross post should provide feedback on both the creativity of the ppt and quality of the book summary.  Ask your peer questions about their book.   Answer questions posted by your peers about your presentation.

A list of suggested books is provided in the book selection area if you need ideas.  Below, you will find an example of a PowerPoint book review.

Book Review Assignment
Grading Rubric: 10 points

__/3___ Identify title, author, publisher, and year of book. Explain your motive for selecting this book? Describe how this reference assisted with your leadership, organizational analysis, and quality improvement assignments.

__/4___Provide a summary of key points of the book in a PowerPoint presentation. Describe the key messages from the book? Indicate how book related to organizational systems, leadership, and/or change?  Design presentation creatively; organize content of presentation logically and  provide peers with “take home” messages.

__/3___ Interact with at least one peer by providing feedback on quality and creativity of their book review ppt. Ask questions about the books. How informative did you find the book summary?



Demonstrate scholarship, correct use of APA; free of grammar and spelling error. Up to 10 % of points will be deducted for lack of scholarship.  Please note direct quotes from book should be referenced properly.

1 Page + PowerPoint presentation

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