Culturally Sensitive Health Care Program for Gypsies (Transcultural Theory)


Culturally Sensitive Health Care Program for Gypsies (Transcultural Theory) (doc+ppt)

1. Topic is gypsies
2. Need a 10 page sentence outline in APA
3. Need a ppt

Using Transcultural Theory to plan and implement culturally sensitive health care program for selected cultural/ethnic groups
I.    Purpose and focus
The purpose of this student presentation is to examine the impact of culture on the health belief system, values and health care practices of selected cultural/ethnic groups living in Southern California communities.  Healthy People 2020 will be an organizing framework for the analysis. The relevance of culture in planning and implementing health care programs will be emphasized.

II.    Guidelines
A.    Presentation content
Student group will select one specific ethnic/cultural group for study (i.e., Specific Latino-Americans, Asian-Americans, Armenian-Americans, Native Americans, Afro-Americans, Euro-Americans, Jewish Americans, Filipino Americans, or Pacific Islanders, etc)

B.    Content of the presentation should include:

  • Brief history /background information of group in the United States and/or  Southern California
  • Brief introduction on demographic characteristics
  • Risk factors for vulnerability (Use Healthy People 2020 Health Dimensions as a guide)
  • Impact of specific cultural beliefs on health & health care and implications for planning and providing health care services
  • Adaptation/modification of current health care services to provide culturally congruent health care (Consider a transcultural theory to plan and implement culturally congruent health care for the selected ethnic/cultural group)

C.    Format
At the beginning of the presentation, each group must provide a copy of the group outline to instructor and classmates (optional) a 10 page sentence outline (no more than 10 pages) of the presentation content excluding the title page and reference page (at least 5 recent references –last 5 years).
Appropriate audio-visual aids can be used.

D.    Evaluation
The group will receive one grade for all members of the team effort (25% of the Total Course Grade)

Outline and references (40 points)
Outline format in sentence outline                      10 pts