Critical Essay on Cultural Anthropology


For the creative writing assignment, the idea is to think creatively about how to express your knowledge of cultural anthropology concepts.  For example, you could do a short fictional story from the point of view of an anthropologist studying a society you have never been to and would like to imagine and know more about. This essay needs to somehow connect to the difference of culture, social structure, race, foods, education, culture change, religion, or language from U.S. to the society you write about. (at least 5 of them)

In assessing the creative writing I will look at the following areas:

1. creativity – did you take a novel approach to an cultural anthropology topic?  Did you exhibit an openness to experimentation and thinking “outside the box” about the assignment?
2. relevance – how well did you address a class topic? What sorts of connections did you make between class concepts and your story or poem?
3. execution – did you write grammatically, typos, incoherent sentences?  Did you keep to a structure that flowed well and made it possible to follow your train of thought?

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