Conduct a literature review of 10 or more scholarly articles


Program of Study

The SLP is one long project (8-12 pages). However, you will write your paper during Modules 1-5 and you will submit each module as separate files for review and feedback. Note that the final grade on the SLP will be based on the modular components and on the final project report.

Before beginning the component of your SLP in this module, review the Session Long Project Overview below.

SLP Overview

Purpose of SLP: The purpose of this Session Long Project is to complete a thesis, which is a proposition that is maintained by argument or explanations based on the importance, value, or relevance of the program content under consideration.

Note: Your SLP topic must be directly related to your concentration of study in the MA Ed. Program.

SLP Assignment Expectations

The following is a general overview of how you will be submitting your SLP work. You can see that the SLP is a progression of sections that build upon each other until the final module.

Your final product for the Session Long Project thesis will contain the following sections:

      • Abstract
      • Introduction
      • Main Discussion (organized with headings and subheadings)
      • Conclusions
      • Premise (supporting conclusions)
      • Bibliography

By the end of Module 2: Conduct a literature review of 10 or more scholarly articles that you will be citing, reviewing, and referencing in your final paper. Be sure that you do not confuse a literature review with an annotated bibliography (a list of references). The literature review should be a discussion of the related literature, organized by topic (not just a “list” of the articles).

It is suggested that you conduct a search of “literature review” to gain a deeper understanding and to view a few examples if you are unsure of what a literature review entails.

This portion of the SLP (e.g., your thesis) should set the stage and establish the foundation for what is to come in the body of your paper.

This portion of the SLP is considered a signature assignment. A signature assignment reflects knowledge or skills essential to meeting a student learning outcome, in this case information literacy. The signature assignment can be viewed as a milestone in the student’s progress toward fulfilling one or more program outcomes.

Program of Study

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APA – 10 References

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