Components of Workplace Citizenship


CUC100 Assignment 4

The Charles Darwin University graduate attributes identify social responsibility, communication, and teamwork as the skills that make up the core employability attribute of ‘citizenship’.

Reflecting on your current or future workplace, what are the essential components of workplace citizenship? Critically argue the importance of at least three skills or values.


For your final assignment, you need to write a 1500-2000 word in response to the question




1500 – 2000 words (EXCLUDING reference list and in-text citations/footnotes)

Special instructions:

  • You must support your arguments with in-text citations, as well as quotes and paraphrased excerpts from credible academic sources.
  • As a basic requirement, you must include at least 5 references/academic sources other than the 3 core readings. You can cite and reference the 3 core readings, too. However, at least 5 references should be from your own research.
  • Whether you choose to use the 3 core readings or not, you must have a minimum of 6 references. With the above rule, this means that you can have 5 of your own readings plus 1 of the core readings, and this will be sufficient. The 3 core readings plus 3 of your own references to make the 6 will not be sufficient because it breaks the above rule.
  • You must use formal, academic language – i.e., no “I” or “we” or “me” “you”, etc.

Tips for passing Assignment 4:

  • All of the work in CUC100 is intended to prepare you for your final. Assignments 2 and 3 (and Assignment 1, indirectly) should have helped you to make a strong plan. It will help, then, to review what you’ve learned throughout the semester and build on the research and planning that you did for your other assignments.
  • Draw from your textbook. It is an excellent source of information and advice on writing. Chapters 1-5, 8, and 10 are especially relevant.
  • Start your research early. You can use the three core readings as references but you will also need to do your own further research. Check the “Research Guide” under “Help and Support” in the CUC100 Learnline site for help with this.
  • Use credible sources for your research and references. This means textbooks from your field, academic and professional journals, and credible websites (i.e., NOT Wikipedia!!). Check with the liaison librarians if you need further advice on this.
  • DO NOT leave it until the last minute to write. We’re not just telling you this for the sake of it – most of your tutors/lecturers have been guilty of doing this at some stage so we’re speaking from experience! It doesn’t work. Seriously!
  • Keep your arguments and ideas clearly separated from one another – don’t pack them all into one sentence or paragraph! A clear plan (which you should already have from Assignment 3) will help you with this.
  • REFERENCE your supporting research using in-text citations and a completed reference list at the end of your. The Research Skills Activity (see the Learning Guide for Week 4 in Learnline) and your Annotated Bibliography should have prepared you for this. You can also check the “Referencing Guide” under “Help and Support” in the CUC100 Learnline site for help with referencing.
  • Indicate on your cover sheet which standard system of referencing you are following (e.g., Harvard, APA, Chicago). We suggest that you use the system most commonly used in your area of study.
  • Before submitting, check the Pre-submission Checklist on the following page to make sure that it meets all of the requirements:
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