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The fourth essay will focus on a different topic, free community college. You have heard that President Obama has proposed this. Do you think this is feasible? Is it a good idea, not just for students but for the country? Think about both long-term and short-term consequences if this were implemented. Of course, you will have to ascertain just what is being proposed. Do this first. The office of the U.S. President would be a good place to read the proposal.

As you write this research essay, you will analyze facts and evidence, relevant ancillary arguments (economic and social evidence) and offer your proposal. Analyze and reason; avoid emotional, subjective tone.

The issue: Some believe all college should be free. Some believe free college should be given to all college students, not just community college students. Try to choose an article or speech that clearly articulates what you think is a feasible both short and long-term proposal.

Brainstorm/journal/discuss: You might want to begin by first figuring out what bothers you about the current system. What is the current economic system that operates community colleges in the U.S.? Who funds what? Who or what determines how much students pay and how much financial aid they can receive from the federal government?

As you are researching, you might read about some problems that affect the cost of community college and the amount of financial aid allowed. If community college were free, how might those problems be resolved?

Then, do some research, historical research about how the community college began. Track as well the rise in tuition over the past x number of years. Take notes on facts you will want to use and keep a precise list of sources. I will not require a lengthy summary of the history; please don’t include one.

Your position: Do you think community college should be free? On what facts/evidence do you base this on? See Chapters 2 and 10 (Argument) to learn effective ways to phrase your thesis (using because or although…etc)

You will need studies, expert testimony and facts to support your argument.

Using NoodleBib is a good way to keep all of your research notes, quotes, citations in one place. See our Library website, last column on the right, for a link.

Source that does not see your position as valid for at least a couple of reasons: Also address the less reasonable proposal offered by another source.

As you analyze it, consider the author or speaker’s facts, evidence and reasoning. Apply lessons from both Making Sense Chapters 3,5 and 6as well as lessons in Chapter 10 (argument) in Steps to Writing Well to note any fallacies the person uses. Offer a concession and a refutation.

Make sure to clearly support your proposal and of course, avoid fallacious definitions or causal reasoning. Study Chapter 6 of Making Sense to see what I mean. Please don’t apply fallacies other than those in Making Sense. You do not need to cite our text lessons.

Requires a Works Cited page and in-text citations, MLA style. 1250+ words3-4 source

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