Collin’s View of social change



  1. Introduction
    1. Definition of social changes
    2. The evolution of social changes
    3. The causes of social changes
  2. Literature review
    1. The social changes
    2. Conflict sociology
    3. Marx and Weber theories on social change
    4. Collins review on the conflict theory
  3. Conflict sociology
    1. The conflict theory
    2. Capitalism as the cause of social conflict
    3. How the conflict theory differs with structural functionalism
  4. Marx conflict theory
    1. The concept of the production process
    2. How capitalism is defined by the social classes
    3. The class consciousness
    4. The development of class conflicts
    5. The change of system and adoption of socialism
  5. Weber’s theory on social changes
    1. His opinion difference with Karl Marx
    2. The theory of rationalization
    3. The bureaucratic organization
    4. Effects of religion on social changes
  6. Collin’s view on social changes
    1. The social stratification and its premises
    2. Macro and micro social interactions
    3. Inequality and social conflicts
  7. Reaction
  8.   References

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