Cognitive Communication Treatment of TBI (traumatic brain injury)


Research Project:

You are required to prepare either a research paper on the topic of THE COGNITIVE COMMUNICATION TREATMENT OF TBI related to diagnosis and treatment of that adult language disorder. It should contain information regarding the etiology, descriptions of the neurobehavioral and language characteristics, and a thorough overview of treatment of the disorder. The focus of this presentation should be on the research related to treatment of the disorder as it applies to the field of speech-language pathology.

Please follow the following submission criteria for a presentation:
The presentation should include information from the book, credible websites, and 2—3 treatment efficacy studies from the literature.  It should also include a YouTube video, if possible.  Eight sources are required. More than 8 can be used.
One of the objectives of this presentation is to promote the understanding of the relationship    between research and clinical practice in the area of treatment. Therefore, only articles which apply to the subject of language and communication treatments administered by an SLP should be utilized. Do not include information on pediatric treatment.

The submission criteria for the research paper include the following:

An 8-10 page double-spaced typed paper, APA style, 12 font (Courier or Times Roman). A copy of all articles, info from books, and other sources must be included.

The body of the paper should be 6-8 pages of text in length. Papers longer OR shorter will receive a deduction.

It should contain at least 8 sources; 4 to be peer-reviewed journals, the remainder (the other 4) can be from books and Internet sources which are highly credible. If you cannot substantiate that the website has credibility as an authoritative entity it should not be used. More than 8 sources can be used. You may use your text book, however, it only counts as one source (even if you use multiple chapters) and does not count as peer reviewed material. Articles should be 10 years old or newer with most written with then last 10 years. If older articles are used, they should represent key concepts of the disorder described and the principles related should still be considered accurate and within practice standards. Overuse of secondary sources will count against you. Get the original sources for the paper.

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