Child-Centered Classroom Assessment and Interview Form



Choose a place to observe where you can see and hear but are unobtrusive.
Conduct the interview in an area that is convenient for the professional, being respectful of his or her time schedule.
Keep the following observation guidelines in mind:
Try to not make assumptions; objectivity is essential.
Record what you observe.
Note any questions you would like to ask in the interview.
Remember that you are observing one moment in time and so are not privy to specific circumstances and/or situations that may be affecting individual children or staff.
Try to keep to the time span that you agreed upon for the observation and be sure to thank the teacher(s) in the room and the person you interview.

Reflect on your observation and interview. Review your notes and consider the knowledge and insights you gained from this experience. Include the following:

Summarize your observation and interview experience.
Describe the ways in which what you learned from your observation and interview reflected and/or contradicted what you have learned about effective programs and practice with regard to child-centered curriculum and play/discovery learning.
Based on your assessment of the program’s effectiveness, what practices do you feel should be continued? What additional suggestions would you make? What is your rationale for these suggestions?

For this assignment, submit:
Your completed Child-Centered Classroom Assessment and Interview Form
Your Reflection, citing specific examples from your observation and interview

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