Celebrity Culture: About opposing positions on CELEBRITY CULTURE


Write an essay (1250 words or more) about opposing positions on CELEBRITY CULTURE.  When you have reached a good understanding of the debate on the issue, explain it to your readers. Consider carefully what they already know about the debate and try to interest them in it. Your goal is to explain the issue in an unbiased way – to report on it—while taking care not to express your own position on the issue of the debate, should you have one.  You will be supplied with the 3 sources you will need to complete the essay.

  • • An introduction to the issue and the opposing positions.  The writer explains the issue to the reader, and names and introduces the debaters.
  • • A comparison and contrast of topics raised in the debate. The writer goes beyond explaining the issue itself to more specific topics that are important in the debate.
  • • A logical plan.  The writer sequences the topics compared and contrasted in a logical manner, such as most to least complex, most to least familiar, or least to most important.
  • • A fair and unbiased presentation of opposing positions.  The writer presents both positions completely, correctly and without bias.  A reader is unlikely to know what the writer’s opinion is.
  • • Careful use of sources. Sources must be used and documented in MLA format.



5 Pages

MLA 3 References