CBE Comunity Based Enterprise – Analysis of Community-Based Enterprise


Paper Contents
1.0 Definitions and background of Community-Based Enterprise (CBE)
2.0 The Success and Failure of Community-Based Enterprise
2.1 The relationship between Social Economy and Community-Based Enterprise
2.2 The Major Characteristics of Successful Community-Based Enterprise
2.21 Successful CBEs focus on local community skills
2.2.2 Successful CBEs focus on distributing profit to the local community
2.2.3 Successful CBEs need community member participation
2.2.4 Successful CBE needs government support
2.2.5 The consistence of social, culture and value
2.3 The Limitation of CBEs
2.3.1 The Internal Limitation of CBEs
2.3.2 The External Limitations of CBEs
15 Pages

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