Care of Vulnerable Populations Paper: Informal caregivers of the chronically ill


Care of Vulnerable Populations
Individual Paper Guidelines

I.    Purpose and focus
The purpose of this assignment is to develop an understanding of the lived experience of those who are members of a vulnerable population. This increased awareness will provide the foundation for understanding the scope of health problems, and for planning and implementing effective health care programs aimed at confronting health problems correlated with vulnerability.

II.    Guidelines

A.    Describe the characteristics of the selected vulnerable
B.    Describe risk indicators/relative risk factors for this population (utilize vulnerable population theory to assess the population and identify risk)
C.    Describe the health issues/concerns of the population (utilize Health People 2020 to assist in identifying health issues; additional issues may be added).
D.    Analyze current policies and programs/services that address health problems of the population
E.    Describe the quality of their access to health care
F.    Discuss policies and programs that are still needed to improve the quality of their care

No more than 15 pages, double spaced (excluding the title page and references)

III.    Evaluation
The paper will be graded as follows (45% of the Total Grade):
Characteristics of the vulnerable                15
Risk indicators                        15
Health Indicators/Concerns                    20
Availability of current programs/services              20
Accessibility                            10
Needed policies/programs/services                10

Overall Writing
Style/format, Spelling & Grammar, and Organization    10

IV.    Format
The paper will be referenced and written following the APA format established in the latest edition of the APA.  Use 12 point font, Times New Roman.  Submit it to Turn In It. Papers are due on the dates indicated in the syllabus unless other
Part I    Points points)    Comments
Characteristics of the vulnerable    15
Risk Indicators    15

Health indicators/concerns    20
Availability of Program/Services    20

Needed programs and policies

Overall Writing for     Points (10 points)

Style/format, Spelling & Grammar,  Paper organization, References    10

Total Points
/100    Grade for the Paper

13 Pages

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