Captivating and Involving Educators with Students Using ICT


Captivating and Involving Educators with Students Using ICT with Feedback

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DOC/720R Précis Development Worksheet


Doctoral Program Field of Study:

Dissertation Topic and Problem to Be Studied
1.     What is the general topic/context of your doctoral dissertation study? There has been increased attention on the impact of information and communication technologies (ICT) have on businesses and companies. This has been increased by the advancement in technology and increased use of technology by consumers. As such, organizations have embarked on ways, which can be used to increase their competitive advantage via the use of technology.  Subsequently, the student deemed it necessary to undertake this study with the aim of assessing the link between organizational effectiveness, and the application of ICT.
2.     What is the general problem or issue leading to the need for the study? Organization effectiveness is “the concept of how effective an organization is in achieving the outcomes the organization intends to produce” (Etzini, 2010, p. 124). In addition organizational effectiveness is one of the most critical elements in today’s business environments as organizations compete for effectiveness (Richard et al. 2009). Because organizational effectiveness is a key success for organizations, many organizations invest in research and development to determine the most effective ways to achieve organizational goals and objectives. Recent researches indicated the use Information and communications technology (ICT) could have great impact on organizational effectiveness (Mitchell, George E. 2012). The general problem is that other research indicated that the use of Information and communications technology (ICT) benefits in regards to organizational effectiveness is limited to certain industries (Thibodeaux, & Favilla, 1996). Manufacturing businesses is the type of businesses that is devoted to tangible production objects that includes high quality production standards and competitive cost (Thibodeaux, & Favilla, 1996).
3.     What is the specific problem you will study? The specific problem is that many manufacturing organizations find the cost associated with implementing such technologies does not have great impact on its effectiveness (Thibodeaux, and Favilla, 1996).
4.     What evidence is there that the problem actually exists (recent supporting scholarly citations)? The results will contribute to the international body of research and provide a new conceptualization and empirical evidence of the ICT and its effectiveness to organizations. The findings of the proposed study will contribute greatly to the body of knowledge within the field of ICT as well as that of business management. For instance, it will provide information that can be used by managers and other leaders in making informed decisions related to the use of ICT to increase effectiveness in the manufacturing organizations. Managers in sales department can use the findings to implement ICT tools that can be used to increase sales. Other students can also use the research findings in future to support their studies because it provides a theoretical framework based on quantitative research studies.
5.     What is the gap in the literature the study will address? A number of studies have recognized that “communication based on ICT and the Internet can also improve external communication, reducing the inefficiencies resulting from lack of co-ordination between firms, and increasing the speed and reliability of information processing and transfer. In general, ICT reduces transaction and coordination costs, maximizing the value of the transactions” (Gargallo-Castel & Galve-Górriz, 2001, p. 261).
Dissertation Purpose  and Alignment With Problem
6.     What is the purpose of the study?
7.     What research questions will guide your study?
8.     How will answering the research questions help you achieve the study purpose?
9.     What variables or central phenomena will you study?
10.  How will achieving the purpose help solve the problem or inform leaders in your field about the problem?
Importance of Study
11.  How will the study contribute to challenges and extend theory, practice, methodology, research results, knowledge, and/or understanding within specific arena of inquiry?
12.  Why would leaders in your field of study care about solving the problem?
13.  What method and design will you use to achieve the study purpose and address the studied problem?
14.  What scholarly sources will you use to demonstrate your expertise of the study method and design?
15.  Why is the method appropriate given the problem you are studying and the purpose of your study?
16.  Why is the design appropriate given the problem you are studying and the purpose of your study?
17.  How will you search the literature to gather germinal and recent sources on the problem and variables/central phenomenon?
18.  What are the germinal and recent research findings on the problem?
19.  What are the germinal and recent research findings on the variables/dependent variable/independent variable or central phenomenon based on the topic?
Guiding Research Questions and Alignment With Study Purpose
20.  What research questions will guide your study?
21.  How will answering the research questions help you achieve the study purpose?
Organizing Principles
22.  Has the researcher demonstrated the acquisition and enhancement of vocabulary on the topic as well as of the selected methodology?
23.  Has the researcher demonstrated a writing style free from bias or irrelevant evaluation?
24.  Has the researcher followed current APA Manual guidelines for all citations, formatting, and writing style?
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