Business Plan: Business Plan for Targai Restaurant

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Business Plan for Targai Restaurant

Business Plan

Page 1 – Executive Summary: One page summary of what the whole business plan talks about

page 2 – Industry Analysis: should describe the size and growth rate sales projections, how the industry is structured

page 3 – Company description: what is the vision and mission for the company, describe in detail your value proposition, what makes your company different from others

page 4 – Market Analysis: describe the market you will be participating in, describe consumer behavior, competitor analysis, what is your target market, who are your main competitors

page 5 – Marketing plan: what are our communication strategy, how will we connect our customers, pricing strategy, promotional methods.

page 6 – Operations Plan – how you plan to run your business, describe your location and facilities and equipment needs you may have to open your business, how many employees will you need.

page 7 – Management Team: board of directors also what is each employee title

page 8 – Financial projections: describe all costs

My plan for the business

I want to open Indian restaurant that mainly serves the public with a party hall and a catering service in which we would take the stress of our customers and plan the party for you. Also have a small restaurant that can sit around 150 people for lunch and dinners.


Rent – $4,000

Payroll – $5,000

Equipment – $25,000

Pages, 7, double spaced

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