Big Data Customer Relationship Management Paper

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You are required to produce an opinion piece, in a journalistic style, that addressed the required following points (below) and other relevant points you wish to include. You must show knowledge of the concepts in this area as well as an ability to create a justified argument and create an evaluative discussion overall. You are expected to be controversial and provide a thought provoking piece based on this highly contemporary, highly controversial issue.

Imagine you are writing for a marketing magazine.

Some points to be included in this option piece:

  • Is big data the tipping point to move organisations from maintaining a proprietary database to processing in the Cloud? and how will this effect organisational CM? Be critical in your evaluation.
  • Explain what organisational and consumer technologies are driving the development of Big data?
  • What are the methodologies available for analysing Big Data sets -both online and offline – and how do marketers currently decide on which one to use? Consider a critical review of methodologies available.
  • Are the Customer Relationship Manager’s skills requirements different for Big Data Analytics than for processing and analysing traditional data sources? What are the implications for the wider marketing department in terms of staff skills, marketing processes, staff attitudes and staff behaviours?
  • What will be the consequences (positive and negative) of using Big Data for customer development practices and relationship development policy in marketing? Take a future orientation approach
  • How will the rise of automation of analytic and decision making after the customer perception of business over the next 10 years? What are the differences and similarities for B2B and B2c contexts?
  • Consider any other relevant points to augment and make you piece more unusual, more interesting than another article

Pages: 11, double spaced

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