BEL-3000 Selected Topics in Business I

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BEL-3000 Selected Topics in Business I: Human Relations

Discussion Questions (100 pts.)

  1. In your opinion, do supervisors of entry-level workers rely more on soft skills or hard skills to accomplish their work? (5 pts.)
  2. Why do people need soft skills in an era of high technology? (5 pts.)
  3. Mention the four key factor of emotional intelligence. (4 pts.)
  4. Which of the seven components of traditional intelligence represents your best    mental aptitude? What is your evidence? (8 pts.)
  5. Why does holding an important job contribute to a person’s self-esteem? (7 pts.)
  6. When you meet another person, on what basis do you conclude that he or she is self-confident? (7pts.)
  7. Mention steps in the communications process. (7 pts.)
  8. Why does giving employees training in listening often lead to increased productivity and profits? (6 pts.)
  1. Identify three scenarios in the workplace that are likely to result in stressful conversations. ( 9 pts.)
  1. Mention 6 Positive Interpersonal Skills While Using Cell Phones (6 pts.)
  2.  Mention 5 advantages and 5 disadvantages of teams and teamwork. (10 pts.)
  3. Part of being a good team player is helping other member. How can members of a workplace team help each other? (7pts.)
  4. How can a person achieve individual recognition yet still be a team player? (7 pts.)
  5. Why are group decisions more likely to lead to commitment than decisions made by a manager acting alone? (6 pts.)
  6. Identify several problems on or off the job for which you think brainstorming would be effective. (6 pts.)
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