Assignment: LASA 2—Authentic Assessment (standardized report)


From a school or a district, obtain a copy of a standardized report from the past year for a particular class or grade level. Discuss this report with an administrator or teacher to determine how they use and view such reports. During the discussion, determine the impact on instruction that the report is likely to have.

Prepare a PowerPoint presentation and speaker’s notes that include:

  • A summary of the discussion with the administrator.
  • Describe the assessment (criterion-referenced, norm-referenced, a combination, etc.).
  • Identify the purpose of the test.
  • Complete your own analysis of the report data using statistical analysis techniques (frequency distributions, measure of central tendency, measures of variability, standard scores, stanines, etc.) in your analysis.
  • Based on your analysis, identify one or two classroom or grade improvement goals and actions or steps to be taken during the next year.
  • Based on the goal(s) identified, include the description, purpose, and timing of a formative assessment that will be used to determine progress toward the goal.

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