Assignment-Critical Thinking Sources of enculturation


Answer each bullet with one full paragraph (4-5 sentences)

Critical Thinking 1:

  • Select a quote about “thinking” from Chapter 1 that best describes your own viewpoint and explain why this quote is meaningful to you. See Attachment
  • attachment_1.bullet_1_quote.docx
  • Identify which of the sources of enculturation has had the most impact on your own thinking and explain why you think this is the case.

A source of enculturation is our place of work. Here we may learn certain manners of behavior, dress code, professional ethics, and work attitude.

  • Identify one of the “5 Errors of Thinking” that you recently observed in another or even committed yourself and explain how this affected productive communication

Example of One of the 5 Errors of Thinking –

Selective abstraction: focusing on one detail of a situation and ignoring the larger picture. For example, an instructor receives a very favorable evaluation from 90 percent of her students but dwells instead on the unfavorable comments from the few. Or a football player, after an overall excellent performance, curses himself for the one pass that he should have caught (Beck, 1976).

Critical Thinking 2:

  • Describe an example of an episodic memory, perceptual-motor memory, and semantic memory that you have personally experienced.
  • Explain which of these memories you feel is most affected by one or more of the senses.

Critical Thinking 3:

Using and misusing figurative language may make it difficult for others to understand what you write and what you say.

  • Choose one (1) of the ten (10) types of figurative language from the list below.
  • Define the meaning of the term and provide an example.
  • Describe an appropriate circumstance for using the example for the term or a circumstance when using the term might lead to misunderstanding.


1. idiom 6. amphiboly
2. analogy 7. “flame word”
3. metaphor 8. hyperbole
4. simile 9. euphemism
5. cliché 10. colloquialism


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