Assessment of Tet Offensive

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The arguments made and supported that the Tet Offensive was a military disaster for the North Vietnamese and particularly for Viet Cong. Moss and others have also pointed out that the Tet Offensive was a major political victory for North Vietnam in that it escalated the anti-Vietnam War sentiments in the United State: Congress, in the media, and in middle-class America. give me your assessment of the Tet Offensive. What could have been done differently (if anything) to have averted the negative domestic political effects in America that resulted from the Tet Offensive?

Must be 4 pages in length as a double-spaced Word document (do not use Word Perfect), one-inch margins all around (one inch on the left and right margins, one inch at the and 1 inch at the bottom), and 12-point, Times New Roman font. Correct grammar, spelling, and Paragraphing are required. You need to edit your paper carefully to insure that what you have written is clearly understandable. Failure to edit will result in a lower grade regardless of the quality, of the content.
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