Apple’s Corporate Audit


Contents (tables) of the paper include:

FIGURE 1: Porter’s value chain
FIGURE 2: Brand audit
FIGURE 3: Apple SWOT Analysis
FIGURE 4: Measuring Brand strength Interbrand
FIGURE 5: PESTLE Analysis for Apple and the Print Industry
FIGURE 6: Porter’s 5 Forces
FIGURE 7: Bownam’s Strategy Clock
FIGURE 8: Competitor Product Analysis
FIGURE 9: Competing e-book Product Features Analysis
Figure 10: Key advantages to digital vs print
FIGURE 11: Competitor Resource Analysis
FIGURE 12: Competitor Resource Diagram
FIGURE 13: Product portfolio analysis

FIGURE 14: Product lifecycle
FIGURE 16: BCG Matrix
FIGURE 17: US Print & e-books sales ($b)
FIGURE 18: Market attractiveness
FIGURE 19: Sales per market; Growth per market territory
FIGURE 20: 12Cs Framework – Doole and Lowe – Print Industry
FIGURE 21: McKinsey’s 7
FIGURE 22: Shareholder value tube
FIGURE 23: Core competencies & Competitive Advantage
FIGURE 24: Financial Position

The Mitsui Travel E-Marketing Plan

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