Answer the following questions (100 points)


Answer the following questions  (100 points):

  1. Why is the “Mean” a measure of central tendency considered more reliable over mode and median when looking at a set of observations or scores?
  2.                 12,  10,  15,  22, 22, 24, 16, 18, 20, 22, 16,

Take a look at these observations and answer the following questions:

  1.  What is the mode?
  2. What is the median?
  3. Generate the Mean?
  4. Generate the Standard Deviation?
  5. What is the N?
  6. Using the same observations above,  calculate the z score of each of the  eleven (11) scores?
  7. If a z score of  (-2.38) is given or known:
  8.  Where does this z score fall on the normal curve in relations to the mean?
  9. John got a raw score of 55 on the math test, with the class Mean of 45, and standard deviation of  2.3
  10. What is John’s z score?
  11. Where would his z score place on the normal curve?
  12. Why is z score considered a standard score?
  13. If the test results of 5th graders on the math test indicate a asymmetric curve skewed to the left.  What conclusion can you immediately draw from this presentation?
  14. If the same test in question #7 above indicates  asymmetric curve skewed to the right.  What say you about this phenomenon?
  15. Why is “Range” not highly recommended to be used as a measure of variability when dealing with a large set of observations?
  16. Define z score?