Annotated bibliography- Study on DIFC building architectural design


The task is to write an Annotated bibliography in which you add approximately 70-140-words summary to the end of each resource text listed on their bibliography to demonstrate the key ideas contained therein (Min 10 Resources). The appended texts must demonstrate that the person has understood the resource in question.
This Annotated Bibliography is related to a research paper that you are going to write about in the near future. (Not Now)
This involves an in-depth research paper, in which you have to read the reading attached and applies it to a case study building (In this case: It is going to be the Dubai International Financial Center). You need to find out the main ideas in the text and apply the ideas and arguments found there to the DIFC Building. You will explore this research question, idea or argument, in order to:
1) Analyze, interpret and explain design issues.
2) Describe the connection between existing design issues and ideas about architecture, the historical context of a site and broader trends in architecture.

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