Ancient Aliens Built the Pyramids: A Skeptical Analysis


Ancient Alien proponents make a variety of extraordinary claims suggesting that extraterrestrial alien beings have been visiting Earth and directing human cultural and biological evolution for millennia. One such extraordinary claim is that ancient extraterrestrial aliens built the Great Pyramid at Giza in Egypt.

  • Briefly discuss in 3-5 sentences the terrestrial, down-to-earth counterarguments to the following extraordinary claims:
  1. Claim: The sandstone, limestone, and granite blocks used to built the Great Pyramid were too heavy for the Egyptians to move by conventional methods and could only have been moved using ancient alien anti-gravity technology.
  2. Claim: Ancient aliens used laser technology to cut the perfectly smooth stone blocks used to build the pyramids, since the ancient Egyptians possessed no method to make such precise cuts.
  3. The ancient Egyptian stone quarries at Aswan contain a massive unfinished obelisk that was being cut from the bedrock. Near the completion of the process, the huge monument developed cracks and was abandoned in place. Explain how this incomplete obelisk provides strong evidence against the claim that Ancient Aliens built the Great Pyramid.
  4. The logical fallacy of Personal Incredulity is committed when an individual rejects an explanation because he or she personally finds it hard to believe, often because the explanation may be complex and difficult to understand, may be viewed as incomplete, or may conflict with the individual’s worldview. Discuss how personal incredulity plays a role in Ancient Alien proponents rejecting the overwhelming evidence that ancient Egyptians built the Great Pyramid.
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