Analysis of the Letter from Birmingham Jail


Analysis of the Letter from Birmingham Jail

Ethos, Logos, Pathos analysis in Martin Luther King Jr. Letter from Birmingham Jail.
Choose one or two or all of pathos logos ethos in MLK’s Letter from Birmingham Jail by passing reference to letter Call for Unity

1. Rhetorical Analysis Rough Draft Due. .
A rhetorical analysis examines a text using the lens of the rhetorical situation as it’s analytical device.
Prompt: What is the author’s purpose in this letter. Who is the specific audience? Who is the implied audience? What rhetorical appeals were apparent? Ethos? Pathos? Logos? Did Martin Luther King Jr. acheive his purpose? How? If not, why not?
Be specific and support your claims with evidence and details from the text (letter).
12 pt font, double spaced, stapled. MLA format.

3 pages

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