Alzheimer’s Commercial (draft)


Rhetorical situation: You work at an advertising agency that specializes in creating commercials. The Alzheimer’s Association has asked you to create a new web commercial. It wants to attract a new audience with its web commercial. Your job is to examine its previous commercials and come up with a new commercial that will help the organization attract a new audience.

  • Step 1: Examine the previous web commercials. Do a rhetorical analysis of the commercials, just as you did with the music video. Who do you think the audiences are for the commercials?
  • Step 2: Examine the potential audiences they could attract that the Alzheimer’s Association are not attracting.
  • Step 3: Examine what new information you would highlight.
  • Step 4: Write a speech highlighting the following: the audiences of the previous web commercials; the new commercial you will make; the audience you would attract with the commercial; how the new commercial would benefit the organization. You may also highlight other relevant issues.

Please note that you will keep the same “type” of web commercial the Alzheimer’s Association uses.
Speech is characterized by the following:

  • Double-spaced with at least 550 words
  • Discussion of previous commercials and the audiences the commercials attracted
  • Discussion of new commercial and the new audience it will attract
  • Discussion of how the commercial will help the organization
  • Discussion of the research you found that highlights the fact
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