AJS/595: Criminal Justice Program Proposal II


AJS 595 Week 2 Team Assignment

Identify an existing program in the criminal justice system (one program per team). Describe the program in a 1000 to 2000 word paper. Include the problem the program was designed to resolve, participants, program goals, and other key program information.


Your team needs to pick ONE program…it does not need to be related to any of your individual problems but certainly could be.
If you select a large program (e.g., D.A.R.E., P.P.C.T., Take Back the Night, etc.), be sure to research it’s local (i.e. small scale) impacts and report on those impacts in addition to it’s larger outcomes.
Keep a close eye on your word count…I’m looking for your team to cohesively and succinctly report your findings in a very direct and efficient manner. This assignment is a good place to remember that sometimes when presenting data to colleagues or managers, less is more. Indeed, if you are presenting information to a high level executive, you may be given no more than 2-3 pages, 1-3 slides, or 2-3min to make your case. Make your points concisely and avoid any unnecessary “fluff.”

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