Addiction to Drugs: The Problem’s Reflection In The Songs of “Red Hot Chili Peppers”


Addiction to Drugs: The Problem’s Reflection

In The Songs of “Red Hot Chili Peppers”

Writing Criteria

American popular music engages and reflects issues in American society such as race, class, gender and sexuality, technology, and politics. You will be writing a paper that addresses the intersection of American popular music (defined widely) and a related issue through an analysis of a particular artist, group, genre, or social issue. Rather than simply explaining the issue and the describing the music, you are required to demonstrate how the issue informs the music and vice versa. You will need to think critically about your chosen topic to dig deeper than an overview or history of a musical genre or band.

It is necessary that you back up your argument with evidence and scholarly literature. Be sure to cite when using someone else’s ideas or words (including song lyrics). These are the kinds of questions I would like you to consider in your paper:

What does the music add to your understanding of the issue?
How do the songs help to shape the artists’ approach to the subject?
What aspects of the music can be used to support your argument?
What are the cultural implications caused by the music or group?
What was the social atmosphere that allowed this music or group to become popular or influential?
Why is this music, group, or artist important?
Your research paper must be between 6-8 double-spaced pages long and include a bibliography with ten sources. At least five of the ten sources must be peer-reviewed. Wikipedia is not an appropriate source for this kind of writing; please avoid it.

Paper Criteria (40 points total):

Format (5 points)

Name and date in the top right corner
6-8 pages typed, double-spaced
12-point font, preferably Times New Roman
Numbered pages
Conform to the rules of standard English grammar (5 points)

Clear thesis statement (5 points)

Provide organized evidence to support the claims made in the thesis (5 points)

Situates argument/issue within broader context of music (5 points)

Analysis of at least two musical examples (5 points)

Use of correct in-text citation (5 points)

Bibliography of at least ten sources (5 points)

10 pages