Accounting Assignment PCAOB web site


Use the web link provided to access the PCAOB web site.  Research the site.  Write up a summary of the data provided to auditors there.  Choose three standards and write a brief summary of what is expected of auditors for each.  Use the following format:

Introduction — telling about the data available briefly and ending with a topic sentence discussing the three standards you will be describing.

Paragraph 1 – discussion of standard 1 (your choice)
Paragraph 2 – discussion of standard 2 (your choice)
Paragraph 3 – discussion of standard 3  (your choice)

Concluding paragraph, summarizing the content of your paper.

Use APA format in citing the PCAOB in-text, and use a proper reference page.  You do not have to provide a title page or abstract.

3 Pages

APA 4 References