A report of the USA Federal Reserve System and its Role as a Central Bank


ASB1202 Financial Markets and Institutions: Assignment


The aim of this assignment is to produce a well-structured, well-written and well-researched report, demonstrating your ability to apply the theoretical concepts of central banking to your chosen central bank.


Prepare a report on ONE of the following central banks:

  1. 1. The Bank of England
  2. 2. The European Central Bank
  3. 3. The Federal Reserve System

Your report should include the following:

  • Definition of a central bank and a brief discussion of the organisational structure of your chosen central bank
  • A brief discussion of the key roles of a central bank
  • An overview of the tools of monetary policy and a discussion of the application of monetary policy by your chosen central bank
  • Critically evaluate the lender of last resort (LOLR) function and briefly discuss your chosen central bank’s policy on LOLR and any recent applications of LOLR


This assignments counts for 40% of the final module mark.

Word limit: 2,000 words maximum (excluding references and appendices)

As the assignment will be marked electronically please apply the following formatting:

  • Font size 12
  • 1.5 line spacing
  • Justified text

Your assignment should be referenced using the Harvard referencing style. Please see the following guide for further details:

Use a range of  reliable sources (e.g. textbooks, journal articles, financial press) to inform your work.

Suggested structure for the report:

  1. Title page
  2. Abstract/executive summary: 200-400 word summary of the report, easily understandable for readers who are not familiar with the
  3. Contents page
  4. Introduction: providing and introduction to your work, including a broad description of the topic, providing an outline for the rest of the report
  5. Main body of the report: discuss the main points of your report here
  6. Conclusion and reflection: summarise the main findings of your report, reflecting on what you have learned
  7. References: Harvard style
  8. Appendices: any additional information e.g. graphs, diagrams etc… ensuring that they have been referenced correctly (where applicable)

Marking criteria:

Marks will be assigned in accordance with the following criteria:

  • Quality of background research and its analysis and presentation
  • Structure and presentation of the report, including writing quality
  • Appropriate and correct referencing, using the Harvard referencing style
  • Ability to critically evaluate evidence i.e. to support your work with evidence from the relevant literature
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