A case study on The Administration of Tissue Plasminogen Activator (tPA) Alteplase: as an Early Intervention for Ischemic Stroke


Paper Requirements

Stage Purpose
Title page
Table of contents
Introduction Introduce the reader to the health issue you will cover (some Australian statistics on the issue’s importance (or rarity) in your specialty field is useful here).

Introduce the reader to the particular issues you will cover (10% or less of word count is normal for the introduction)

Patient history Introduce the reader to your patient: give the patient’s relevant demographic and health profile (including a limited overview of relevant past history) (≤ 200 words here)
Health condition Discuss the key anatomical, physiological and pathophysiological concepts associated with this patient’s health condition.

Your anatomy and physiology section needs to set up the section on pathophysiology (how is anatomy and physiology impacted by the disease process?).

It is important to keep your patient in focus here, and apply these scientific concepts to your patient’s progress.

Treatment What is the goal of treatment for your patient? This is important; you need to be clear about the overall treatment goal before you start to present the treatment interventions.

‘The goal of treatment for Mr Case Study is….’.

What are the treatment interventions and effects? Apply relevant scientific and pharmacological principles as you discuss what is being achieved by the treatment.

Conclusion Do not add new material.

Present again the main features of the case.

Show the reader you have understood what you have written.