3D Printing in Education The TinkerCad/Model Lesson


3D Printing in Education: TinkerCad/Model Lesson

use the map of America

The stats in the map are individual pieces.


  1. Visit http://www.iste.org/standards/iste-standardsto view the Standards for Teachers.
  2. After completing the basic lessons/tutorials in Tinkercad, design an object that will be instrumental in a lesson.
  3. Design the lesson. Please include:
  4. What ISTE standard(s) are you addressing? (5 points)
  5. Who is the audience/learner? (5 Points)
  6. What subject area(s) will the lesson cover? (5 points)
  7. What is the timeframe for the lesson? (5 points)
  8. What materials will be needed (multiple prints of the design/model? Others?) (5 points)
  9. What pre-requisite skills/knowledge do the students need to be successful in the lesson? (10 points)
  10. Describe how you will use the model to augment your instruction. (20 points)
  11. How will you assess student understanding of the lesson content? (10 points)
  12. How will the design/model be helpful in conveying your instructional message to your students? (15 points)
  13. Include a screen capture of your object. (10 Points)
  14. E-mail me the .stl file. (10 Points). Please indicate if you want a print of your design.

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