3D Printer Evaluation Grant/Rubric


For this assignment, assume that you are in the 3D printer market for your school or business. A granting agency (me) has money for purchasing a 3D printer, but they want to make sure you have done your homework and know exactly what you need and want. Your task is to create a rubric that you will use to evaluate a number of printers (5-10). The list below highlights some of the things to think about when purchasing a 3D printer.


Factors to consider:

  • Cost
  • Kit or pre-built
  • Build Platform type/leveling/material used to adhere material to plate (tape? hairspray?)
  • Closed or Open Build Envelope
  • Cold or heated build plate
  • Internet Connectivity?
  • Operating System Requirements
  • Material used to print –Generic? Proprietary feed?  Color?
  • Cost of material used to print
  • Ease-of-use/Special tools needed?
  • Customer service plan/Cost for service/Turnaround
  • Manufacturer Issues
  • Build Envelope Dimensions
  • Print Resolution
  • Print Technology (Stereolithography, Extrusion, Phase Change Inkjet )

Sites with printer information:



http://www.productchart.com/3d_printers/ (Interactive)



You will see charts comparing the printers. Consider using a similar chart to organize the printers you evaluate. Assign point vales for the different categories. The printer with the highest scores should be the one you select, unless you have a compelling reason to pick the 2nd or 3rd highest scoring printer.

Once you have evaluated the printers with your rubric, write up a short justification (275 words) in Word, explaining why you chose the printer you chose, what you will do with it, and how it will improve your classroom or business.

Write up Rubric (One point for name on paper)
Item / Value 0 2 3
Write Up Fewer than 275 words 275+ words
Learning/business need



Report lacks information about learning/business need Report includes reference to learning/business need, but lacks connection from hardware decision to need Report includes information

about the learning/business

need and ties the hardware

decision to the need

Rubric Results No discussion or chart is included in report Chart of rubric results is included but not discussed in write up Rubric results are shown

in chart and are discussed

in write up

Rubric Rubric
Item / Value 0 10 20
 Rubric Rubric lacks comparative factors related to the decision Rubric analyzes hardware on the basis of three or fewer factors, or factors are unrelated to the decision Rubric analyzes hardware

using a variety of factors

(five or more factors-

there are 15 in the list)

related to the decision

# of printers evaluated One printer evaluated 2-4 printers evaluated 5-10 printers evaluated

3 Pages

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